Real Estate Content Creation

In todays world, people spend a majority of there time on the internet.  You can accomplish the most basic things like buying a shirt to running a multimillion dollar business all from your phone.  Selling homes is no different, according to National Association of Realtors 99% of millennials and 89% of Baby Boomers go online before visiting a property in person. Having great content is essential to bringing this portential buyers to your properties.


Real Estate Photography

Photography is one of the most important parts of marketing a listing. Good photos can bring in buyers even if the property is not up to par. Vice versa, bad photos will surely keep buyers from walking in.  The passion for photography here at Zelus will always allow from high quality photos or your money back.


Drone Video & Photography

Drones are a perfect way to capture a different perspective of the world.  Seeing a listing from above truly brings a next level experience for your potential buyers.  However, providing a cinematic footage is something many pilots lack. Allow us, at Zelus Media Marketing, to exceed your expectations. Did we mention that we are the only pilots with a legal waiver to fly in Beverly Hills.



What better way to show off a property than providing your client and potential buyers with a cinematic video.  This not only brings potential buyers through the door, but also shows your clients that you are working hard to sell their home.  

Burbank+Blvd-3821 (1).jpg

Virtual Tour Website

Now that you have quality content to share with the world, the next step is to combine everything into one place. This will allow you to provide your potential buyers with one easy place to view the property. This is also a great tool to use for marketing purposes. Click the buttons below to view examples.