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As a photographer, I noticed time and time again that real estate agents do not have the best content whether it be photos, videos, brochures, and so on.  Good photos and videos are what bring in potential clients even if the property is not in the best shape. Haven't you ever visited a property because the online presence was amazing?

This presence is what we pride ourselves in. Combining great content with today's cutting edge marketing technqiues we can sell your homes faster, leave your clients extremely happy, and impress future clients by effort you put into marketing the property. Plus, who wouldnt want an amazing video of a house they lived in for years, or going to live in for the next decade. 

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Content Creation

In todays real estate market, a good visual aesthetic has never been needed more.  Potential buyers always go online before walking in to tour the house. We provide the means of creating a magnificent online presence through photography, cinematography, virtual tour websites, and brochures.

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Social Media 

According to Statista, 81% of the US population is on social media, as of 2017. Therfore, having a presence online has never been more important. Let us grow, comment, like, and engage with your audience. If you get our content package, we can also create original content for your page. 

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Paid Advertising

Paying for online advertisements is common in every business. However, done incorrectly you can waste a lot of your ad budget. Real Estate Agents especially must have multiple ads running. These ads must be checked regularly to optimize for the best results. 


content Creation

Having authentic content that represents your brand has never been more important than today! Your potential clients want to see what you are doing. Leave a lasting impression with them by consistantly showing them captivating original content that seperates you and the property from your competition.

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Social Media Management

As a Real Estate Professional you are also a business owner.  Therefore, you do not have a lot of time to spare posting, engaging, responding, and developing your social media accounts. However, in todays world cultivating your audience online is essential. 

Leave your worries behind and let us at Zelus Media Marketing handle growing, engaging, and building your perfect audience.