The Social Media Platforms of 2018, and Tips On Leveraging Social Media For Your Business

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The Top Social Media Platforms For Most Businesses 

These are in no particular order

  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat

Tips On Leveraging Social Media Platforms For Your Business

 First, let's talk about FACEBOOK

  • Today, Facebook seems to be leaning more toward ad purposes because facebook lowered their engagement for business pages. That means only 5% or less of you're actually following will see your content.
  • Facebook has one of the widest audience bases, everyone from teens to grandparents seems to be on it. Although, the younger generation seems to put their attention elsewhere. 
  • At this moment Facebook has the most effective targeting platform. You have the ability to hyper-target your perfect audience. (ex. 25-40 year-old women who just got engaged and have an income of over $100,000) 
  • Using this powerful advertising platform many people get a very positive ROI.


  • According to Statista, Instagram had 500 million daily active users in September of 2017. This number is growing more and more every day. 
  • The more people who join the platform means more potential leads for you.
  • Instagram caters more toward millennial generation however it is growing its audience daily. 
  • Instagram is a good way to keep in front of your audience on a consistent basis.
  • It is a very visual platform.
  • Good authentic content is key here. People want to see who you really are or what your company is really about. But, the content needs to be good or no one will listen to what you have to say. 
  • Instagram is also huge for e-commerce companies. Now when you post a picture, you can also tag your product which allows your viewers to instantly buy your product without leaving the app.


  • Youtube is not only a social media platform but is considered the second largest search engine on the web behind Google. Use this to your advantage. Post content related to your business that will answer a question someone might have.
  • If you didn't know, Google owns Youtube. Consequently, if you rank well on youtube you rank well on google as well. "Ranking" is what you call the position you are in during a search query on a search engine. 
  • According to youtube is on the verge of surpassing TV view times. 
  • When people sit down to watch youtube they are prepared to watch longer videos. Make sure to post longer videos here, make sure its good though. No one wants to watch 10 min of nothing.


  • Was built as a conversation platform
  • Easier to contact people, because most have the smaller following on twitter so there are more likely to see your message and respond.
  • You can post 50 times a day and people will no be negative about it. On most platforms, if you post more than 2-3 time a day people get annoyed and stop engaging with your content. 
  • Twitter can be used as a customer service department. If there are any complaints, issues, or good reviews people can comment on twitter and you can respond accordingly.
  • Twitter is also a good tool to survey your audience for other platforms. Since you can post many times a day, you have the ability to post 5 things and whichever gets the best engagement you can then use it on Instagram, Facebook, and so on.


  • Pinterest is not a platform every business needs, however, for some, it can truly bring qualified leads.
  • If you can share good content that people enjoy they will re-pin it to their boards which then shares to their followers. 
  • This pinning action can lead your content to go viral among Pinterest users.
  • Remember, this is a very visual platform. So try to be creative in the ways your present your content.


  • LinkedIn has a common misconception as being a place to find jobs, or be found by recruiters. However, as a social media platform, it is a great place to connect with other business professionals.
  • Providing quality content and good information for your connections and followers will inevitably put you in a position of being the expert. Eventually, when people need the service or product you provide they will think of you.
  • A good way of finding the right business connection is going through your current connections and finding people who could possibly need your services in the future.
  • Another benefit of LinkedIn is that many older business professionals may not have other social media platforms, but they have LinkedIn 


  • Snapchat Is an underestimated platform that most people do not think about using. 
  • Snapchat is not a way to build followers since you cannot be discovered, people have to add you. 
  • This platform is good for building a brand identity. You can post the behind the scenes stuff that you don't want to post anywhere else. 
  • Use the platform as a way for your audience to connect with your brand on a more personal level.
  • However, since most other platforms have stories and messaging features similar to Snapchat it very well might not be here in the future.

  • Huge with young kids generally 6-13 years of age, but its audience base can grow to a more older crowd. It has happened with many social platforms before.
  • The basis of the platform is laying of music over video. According to Gary V. It started off with people lip-singing to songs and now "has evolved to include original music, comedy skits, and even mini educational videos."
  • It is an underestimated platform that can bring you a more youth-based audience, as of right now.
Tarren Munoz