The State of Facebook Early 2018


As you may know, facebook has changed their algorithm in the last few months to help keep a more authentic user connected news feed. Which means they are lowering the engagement of business pages to basically nothing. Less than 3% on average of your following will see your content. This caused a lot of upset in the community because businesses were focused on growing their page likes for the simple fact of keeping their content in front of customers.   

Now as a business owner what can you do?


1. Boost your content

Boosting Your content has never been so important. The easiest way for your audience to view your content is through boosting. The good thing about that is it also allows you to expose yourself to a new audience that will be your new customers in the future.  


2. Engage Your Audience

If you do not want to spend money reaching customers you do have another way for your content to be seen. Facebooks new algorithm is promoting genuine interaction between users. Post that “create conversation” are going to to be shown to more people. Therefore, you should be asking more questions to promote responses. Simply, post content that your followers would want to share and like. This way facebook will know your content is valuable to people.  Make sure to respond to your followers too. As this builds a relationship with your audience, and shows facebook you a genuinely interacting with the community. If you want to take it even further, I would suggest going onto your followers pages and commenting on their posts.

3. Join and/or create Facebook groups 

Facebook groups are a great way to build an audience and reach more people. You can start your own group so that your customers can see your content without much interference. However, do not spam these groups. Try to share your knowledge instead, no one likes to be sold constantly.

4. Create Events

In Facebook, you have the ability to create events. Events tend to show up at the top of news feeds. With a storefront location you can invite your audience to join you at an open house, a special instore sale, or a special performance by an artist. 


if you would like some more information on facebooks changes you can look here. If you would like more info on boosting your posts, please visit our article here.


Tarren Munoz