How Facebook Pixels Work, And Why You Should Be Using Them


The facebook pixel is an incredible analytical tool which allows one to measure the effectiveness of his or her advertising efforts.  The pixel can be created in your ads business manager and is then placed in the header of your website. Whenever someone takes any kind of action on your website the pixel will collect the data. The data which is collected is what  makes the pixel so valuable. From this data you can measure your ad effectiveness, drive more sales and conversions, create retargeting campaigns, and reach the perfect audience for your business.   

Steps In Creating A Pixel

  1. Go to your Facebook Business Manager
  2. Find the Pixel tab in Events Manager
  3. Hit Create Pixel and follow the steps in the guide
  4. Add the pixel to your website

You may learn the steps in detail and find help troubleshooting here.

The Benefits of the Facebook Pixel

Now that the Facebook pixel is set up you may begin reap all the benefits from it. Whenever an action is done like buying a product, clicking a certain page, or an opt-in to a newsletter it is tracked via pixel. Then an ad can be created and optimized for that specific conversion, or event as facebook calls them. 

For example, lets say you are a restaurant and you offer to rent out certain areas for events.  So, when someone goes to your events tab on your website and does not take further action to set up the date, you can then create an ad that is shown later to the same person. The ad could be something as simple as "We noticed you were interested in hosting an event at our restaurant. Click the link below so we can learn more about your event." However, you typically want ad copy more enticing then that. For another example let's say you are a clothing brand. Then someone goes to your store and they look at specific items, adds them to the cart but doesn't buy. You can retarget them with an ad showing the items they left in the cart and a link to continue the purchase. These are just two of the numerous ways to use your facebook pixel.

Bonus: Videos

Videos are huge for retargeting. This is a sure way to make sure you aren't wasting ad budget on cold traffic. Using the facebook pixel you have the ability to retarget people who watch a video you previously boosted. Boosting videos you can get views for about a penny per view. Which is ridiculously cheap! Now you take people who watched more than 50% of the video and run them through a retargeting campaign.  Since these people already watched a video you made, and watched more than 50% of it, they are interested in what you have to offer. Therefore, when you retarget them with your ads they are significantly more likely to convert. 

Tarren Munoz