Should you hit the boost button?

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The truth?

Boosting your post is something you should do, but they way you do it matters more than you think.  If you didn't realize there is another way to boost besides hitting the button, that is okay. Most people do not know about the other option, about back boosting. 

Now back boosting is the process of going into your facebook business managers account and boosting the post from there. If you haven't created an account yet, you may do so here. Not using this process allows facebook to optimize your ad automatically. Although this sounds appealing, DON'T do it.  This allows facebook to show your ad to whom ever they see fit.  Which typically ends up showing your ad to people who don't care about your business or what you can do for them. This wastes your ad budget that could have been used to target people who actually care. Finding people who care is the whole reason why you are using facebook.

Boosting from the back, or your managers account, will allow you to target your perfect audience. No matter how broad or narrow you want your audience to be, you can do it. If you want to target 35-45 yr old women, who have children, have an income of over $100,000, and are interested in rescuing animals because you are looking for donations. Or lets say you are a real estate agent who wants to target someone interested in selling, has an income of $150,000 - $300,000 and lives in Santa Monica, back boosting is the way to target that specific of an audience. No other platforms allows for such hyper targeting. 

However, not only can you optimize for your perfect target audience but you can optimize your ad for specific conversions.  Meaning if you want your ad to generate newsletter opt-ins, it will find people more likely to opt-in to your email list. Let's say you are an ecommerce site and want people to buy your product, you can optimize for sales. Maybe you just want people to call you, you can optimize for that too.

There are limitless opportunities for your boost. You just have to do it right.