Founder & Digital Producer

Tarren Munoz

“A Good Eye” is not a technique, it's talent and skill that is always evolving. Tarren’s diverse portfolio speaks to his natural aptitude for producing a visual experience. Tarren’s ability to capture strategic product photos, interior design, landscapes, restaurant, lounges, hotels, lifestyle, and branding event visuals are helping businesses develop content that is setting them apart from their competition.

He has worked with several business firms from corporate event planners, realtors, restauranteurs, iconic brands such as Moet and Dom Perignon, and other highly recognizable brands to strategically and creatively produce visual content for their companies. Combining his creative knowledge for the new era marketing strategies.



Account Manager

Jaclyn Uloth

Armed with over 8 years of experience in digital marketing, Jaclyn Uloth started her career at the full-service digital marketing firm Counterintuity for five years in a capacity as a trusted Account Manager, guiding many websites to conclusion as well as developing and executing sophisticated marketing plans and strategies for countless brands. More recently, she has been in charge of digital and social media campaigns as well as paid advertisement efforts for well-known multinational franchise operations such as The Counter and Cousins Maine Lobster.


Creative Director


Reggie Pottukalam

As a certified and renowned Event Producer with over 12 years of event organizing experience with clients such as Microsoft, Warner Brothers, and City of Beverly Hills. Reggie Pottukalam has a proven track record of combining knowledge of both the vendor and consumer market and, through this, has become a creative force with a natural knack for identifying exactly what his client's wants and needs are. Reggie's style is to integrate proven theories and skills with current trends in the market, which he brings over to Zelus and translates into beautiful, successful marketing.